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ProLift offers a variety of quality, brand new forklift trucks and aerial equipment. This includes both internal combustion and electric motor lift trucks and forklifts, pallet trucks, hand pallet trucks, reach trucks, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and crawler boom lifts.

Forklift Trucks from Prolift Industrial Equipment

We sell Toyota brand forklift trucks straight to our customers for reasonable prices. Toyota has been a leading supplier of lift trucks for over 40 years and continues to be ranked #1 in value and quality compared to its competitors. Our equipment is even manufactured right here in the USA in Indiana.

We also sell Aichi brand aerial lifts and other equipment. Aichi applies top quality characteristics found in Toyota products to its aerial lift platforms. This allows employees to safely and productively perform their jobs. Some of the key features found in these lifts include:

  • An advanced leveling system that greatly improves safely while working at extended heights. 
  • Lifting capacities from 300 to 750 lbs.
  • Working heights of 17 to 50 feet.
  • Handy trays and storage space for easy access to tools and parts.
  • Fast Maintenance if needed.
  • The best warranty in the industry.

Specifically, our scissor lifts include an AC drive system, exclusive only to Aichi products. This eliminates a lot of mechanical parts, making service simpler and inspections easier.

Our wheeled boom lifts include a tri-stage boom configuration, again exclusive to Aichi. This means these lifts are among the safest in the industry and retract to an exceptionally compact shape for easy storage. Equipped with a Yanmar diesel engine, these lifts are powerful enough to handle the harshest landscape or situation.

Our crawler boom lifts can reach up to 70 feet high, and all are outfitted with a rough environmental package system, further protecting the operator and the vehicle. Loaded with Yanmar or Izuzu diesel engines, superior power and performance is guaranteed.

Finally, we sell Taylor brand heavy duty industrial forklifts, the best in the industry. Sparing no expense on workmanship, components, and state-of-the-art technology, you're getting lower operating costs, higher productivity, easier maintenance and the highest resale value in the industry. It's a win-win.

Taylor forklifts have made a large impact on many facets of the material handling industry, including lumber, steel and aluminum mills, mining, ship building, and heavy metals. That's because Taylor forklifts can range from 16,000 to an incredible 120,000 lbs. No matter what you throw at them, they can handle it.

About Prolift Industrial Equipment

ProLift Industrial Equipment was founded in 1978 as a forklift rental house in Louisville, KY. Now, we're a full-featured forklift dealership, with seven locations and over 280 employees. We understand the role that quality equipment has in your workplace. Quality equipment works better and faster, keeps fleet downtime at a minimum, and keeps your bottom line rock solid. That's why we guarantee we offer the best forklift and aerial equipment around.

In January 2007, Toyota Industries North America (TINA) purchased ProLift, making for a good match. Not only is ProLift a Presidents Award dealership for Toyota, but our values and mission are also consistent, focusing on customers and continuous improvement.

We're a full-service dealership that offers everything you need, including:

Forklift Rentals
ProLift stocks a large amount of modern, well-maintained equipment that we'll deliver to you on time. In fact, if we don't have the exact equipment you're looking for, we'll get you a $50 discount on your next rental.

Forklift Service and Repair
We'll service your equipment at lightning fast speed, responding within 4 hours or the first hour of labor is free! Plus, if we don’t meet your expectations, the first hour of labor is free! Our certified repair technicians will make only the repairs you need and repair everything to good running order the first time. We guarantee it.

Forklift Parts
ProLift stocks a huge number of custom props for all types of forklift and aerial equipment. We guarantee our selection and our quality. If any equipment purchased from us within the first five years of ownership is inoperative due to availability of normal wear replacement parts, we will provide you with a free loaner after 24 hours from your breakdown call.

Pre-owned Forklifts
All of our used forklifts are sold with product guarantees. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, exchange it within 30 days. All our forklifts are modern and in good condition. You've got nothing to worry about, and pre-owned equipment is your chance to save a lot of money.

Forklifts and other Equipment
ProLift sells the best new forklifts and other aerial equipment around. These are quality built products that'll last for years.  And it comes with our signature guarantee; if you are unhappy with the equipment you purchased from ProLift after one year's use, we will simply buy it back for the original purchase price less two thirds of our normal rental rate.

Contact ProLift today to get more information on our company and products!

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