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Tico Tractors

Terminal Tractors

Move Semi-Trailers To Load & Unload Product

Built to swiftly move semi-trailers at warehouse and distribution operations, ports and rail terminals, the TICO Pro-Spotter is the ideal terminal tractor for loading and unloading trailers at the dock. As a user of terminal tractors, TICO understands customer needs and challenges first-hand; therefore, their vehicles have dozens of standard features that are add-on options for competitors.

Fast, Simple Maintenance
TICO Pro-Spotters were also built for fast, simple maintenance. Knowing the cost of having product sitting on a trailer, waiting to be unloaded, the vehicles are built on modular platforms. This design allows most systems and parts to be removed and replaced in minutes, not hours or days.

Corrosion Free & Built to Last
All TICO vehicles include a composite "corrosion free" cab with a 5-year structural warranty. For an additional buffer against daily elements or a corrosive environment, upgrade to TICO's Pro-Spotter Galvanized Option. Galvanizing is a rust preventative process that coats steel with zinc to offer long-term protection.

Take a virtual tour to see TICO's real world advantages - important features with real benefits.

Contact us today to speak to a TICO consultant about an equipment demo! ProLift Industrial Equipment supplies terminal tractors our locations in Cincinnati, Dailey, Dayton, Erlanger, Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville.