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Forklift Battery Service

Extend the Life of Your Forklift Battery

A poorly maintained battery will rob your operation of crucial production time due to short battery run time, excessive battery swaps, battery failures and equipment downtime. At a minimum, batteries should be serviced twice a year. In addition, battery chargers should be serviced annually.

Why Choose ProLift?
ProLift can help you with specific forklift battery service, including cleaning, neutralizing, painting, connector|cable|cell replacement or disposal. Or, schedule regular maintenance to catch small problems with your forklift battery before they become major issues.

Forklift Battery Reconditioning
ProLift also has the capabilities to recondition your forklift batteries. We'll capacity test the battery per industry standards to learn if the battery is feasible to recondition. Various areas of the battery will be inspected to ensure it is safe to use and we'll replace missing or damaged items, remove any built up corrosion and repaint the battery case. Reconditioned batteries are warranted to 6 months.

Battery Accessories
Our consultants can help you select accessories needed for your forklift battery such as:

  • Single point watering system
  • Watering gun
  • Battery watering monitor
  • Battery spill kit
  • Battery changers
  • Eye wash stations
  • Battery PPE

Contact ProLift today to schedule an on-site forklift battery evaluation! We offer a variety of battery services and accessories at our eight locations in Cincinnati, Dailey, Dayton, Erlanger, Evansville, Indianapolis, Lexington & Louisville.