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Fleet Management.

Real Time, Actionable Data about Your Forklift Fleet

T-Matics is a fleet management tool that provides enhanced visibility of your forklift fleet's performance. Utilizing a Vehicle Management System that transfers data from a forklift, T-Matics reports operating behavior of a forklift and/or forklift operator.

Easy Installation & Web-Based Reporting
All T-Matics products can be installed on your existing forklift fleet by ProLift's certified technicians. Or, it can be factory installed on new Toyota Forklift purchases. Only an internet browser is required at your facility for web-based reporting.

Save Money
T-Matics reports the utilization, productivity and maintenance needs of an individual forklift, an entire fleet and/or a specific operator. Our innovative, turnkey solution offers a wide range of cost saving opportunities:

Watch T-Matics In Action!

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce fleet size
  • Reduce planned & unplanned maintenance costs
  • Reduce damage by emphasis on safety & accountability
  • Reduce lost productivity

Two Solutions
ProLift offers two solutions to fit your fleet management needs:

Contact ProLift to schedule an on-site visit with a ProLift consultant! ProLift offers fleet management services at our eight locations in Cincinnati, Dailey, Dayton, Erlanger, Evansville, Indianapolis, Lexington & Louisville.