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ProLift-Site Forklift Training Schedule

Train Your Employees at ProLift

Designed for your company and its employees, ProLift-site classes teach the basics of forklift safety and keep you in compliance with federal law. We offer classes for your forklift operators and in-house trainers.

Fits Your Budget
ProLift-site classes are perfect when your company needs to train a small number of operators or trainers. Students will receive the same quality training at our site but at a reduced cost to fit your budget.

Class Sizes are Limited - Register Today!
Please note registration is not complete until our Safety Specialist has contacted you and verified all information. You can also contact our Safety Specialist directly at 800-583-4023.

Register employees below for a class in your local area! These classes cover forklift safety training only; however, training for aerial lifts or skid steers can be conducted at your facility. ProLift offers safety training classes in Cincinnati, Dayton, Erlanger, Evansville, Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville.

Operator Training

Class DateTimeLocation
2/23/20178:00 amIndianapolisRegister
3/28/20178:00 amDaytonRegister
3/29/20178:00 amLouisvilleRegister
4/3/20178:00 amCincinnatiRegister
4/5/20178:00 amEvansvilleRegister
4/13/20178:00 amLexingtonRegister
4/19/20178:00 amIndianapolisRegister
5/17/20178:00 amDaytonRegister

Train The Trainer

Class DateTimeLocation
2/22/20178:00 amIndianapolisRegister
3/22/20178:00 amLouisvilleRegister
3/23/20178:00 amCincinnatiRegister
3/29/20178:00 amDaytonRegister
4/4/20178:00 amEvansvilleRegister
4/5/20178:00 amLexingtonRegister
4/18/20178:00 amIndianapolisRegister
5/16/20178:00 amDaytonRegister