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Used Aerial Lifts For Sale

Used Aerial Lifts Make Working at Higher Elevations Safer

Made for the purpose of lifting workers, tools and light materials, aerial lifts can move easily on the work site and provide safer access in hard to reach areas. The design of these lifts allow operator mobility and flexibility which increases efficiency. It also replaces the use of traditional ladders, man-baskets on lift trucks and scaffolds to make working at high elevations safer.

Used Equipment Guarantee
At ProLift, our used lifts are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your used forklift, you may exchange it at any time within 30 days of purchase.

Common Industries & Applications
Industries such as manufacturing plants, maintenance service providers, real estate management companies and warehouse and construction companies all utilize aerial lifts. Besides general construction, you will see aerial lifts being used to handle routine building maintenance, painting, trimming trees, installing rooftop HVAC services and inventory management.

Available used aerial lifts include:

  • Used Boom Lifts, Wheeled & Crawler
  • Used Scissor Lifts
  • Used Telescopic Lift Truck

Shop our online inventory or contact ProLift today to speak to a consultant about our selection of used aerial lifts! ProLift Industrial Equipment offers used aerial lifts for sale at our eight locations in Cincinnati, Dailey, Dayton, Erlanger, Evansville, Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville.

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