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Warehouse Energy Products

Products to Save Energy & Money

A large amount of dollars are spent in energy but it is an area often overlooked for cost-savings. Energy products offer efficiency, helping to increase the bottom line. ProLift has not only partnered with reputable, quality manufacturers on energy products - we installed them at our warehouses too! Our most popular products include high efficiency lighting, industrial fans, high speed doors and air curtains.

Return on Investment
Tell us your specific concerns and needs. Our consultant will come on-site to perform an evaluation of your warehouse and production. Afterwards, you'll receive an energy product recommendation and learn the timeframe for return on investment. Energy products also provide benefits beyond the annual budget.

Comfortable Environment for Employees
Better lighting, cleaner air, automated doors - all these things result in a more comfortable, engaged and productive employee. Energy products also offer a safer work environment, keeping employees on the job and morale at a high level.

Energy Product Options:

  • High Efficiency Lighting
    This product uses less energy for lighting and improves the light quality for employees. We provide a complete service that includes recycling of older fixtures.
  • Industrial Fans
    Industrial fans provide constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone. Hot and cold spots are also eliminated.
  • High Speed Doors
    Built for indoor and outdoor use, high speed doors provide a tight seal against wind, rain and contaminants. High speed doors can be customized for your warehouse application.
  • Air Curtains
    Air curtains act as an invisible barrier that won't let air flow through it, stopping insects from entering and keeping airbourne contaminants out of a particular area.

Contact ProLift to schedule an on-site energy products on-site evaluation and recommendation! We offer energy products at our eight locations in Cincinnati, Dailey, Dayton, Erlanger, Evansville, Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville.