4 Reasons to Purchase an Electric Pallet Jack

electric pallet jack

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The material handling industry categorizes forklifts into various classes. The Class III product includes a variety of electric motor forklifts that are either walk-behind or standing-rider operated, such as the electric pallet jack.

Regardless of the manufacturer, this category of forklifts carries a smaller price tag. While oftentimes the savings is enough, many companies find additional benefits.

Electric Pallet Jack Benefits

Fits your budget

If stacking product is not a requirement, an electric pallet jack may fit the needs of your application. On average, it offers a savings of 65% compared to a similar capacity sit-down forklift.

Reduces your hand pallet jack fleet

Purchasing one electric pallet jack can replace several hand pallet trucks. While hand pallet jacks are inexpensive in initial cost, the lost productivity can easily justify a powered pallet jack.

Uses electric power

The use of electric power versus internal combustion powered forklifts offers the advantages of quieter operation and lack of fumes. This can be especially important if your operator is moving product in an enclosed area. Electric product also has lower operating and maintenance expenses when compared to internal combustion forklifts.

Better ergonomics

Having the product lifted and propelled by a powered motor instead of the operator reduces the back strain and fatigue experienced by operators of hand pallet trucks. Your company may experience a reduction of reported injuries.

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