How Important is the Age of a Used Forklift?

age of a used forklift

A forklift’s usage is calculated as 8 hrs / day * 5 working days/ wk * 52 weeks/year. Ready to add to your forklift fleet? REQUEST QUOTE

A search for used forklifts will produce a variety of results. Before making your final selection, you’ll need to compare several factors about the forklifts, including age. So, how important is the age of a used forklift?

Used Forklift Hours of Usage

A forklift life cycle is calculated by hours of usage, not age. Most manufacturers estimate a forklift that is regularly operated in production logs 2,000 hrs annually. However, when facilities operate a forklift less than the estimate, your search of used forklifts may turn up an older unit with lower hours. Because low hours are ideal when purchasing a used forklift, these units may also be comparably priced, or in some cases more expensive, than younger units.

Choosing a Reliable Used Forklift

Choosing used doesn’t have to mean sacrificing dependability. When you have lower usage operations, typically 4 hrs or less daily, a used forklift is a recommended investment. In addition to its number of hours, ask the seller about:

  • History of the used forklift, such as previous application & service records
  • Reconditioning report, especially safety items
  • Manufacturer reputation & dependability
  • Available warranties, including forklift batteries for electric forklifts

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