Busting the Myths of Large Capacity Forklifts

large capacity forklifts

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Large capacity forklifts aren’t just about a heavier counterweight. According to ProLift’s team of Taylor Forklift specialists, companies make themselves vulnerable to increased forklift repairs and accidents with this logic.

Large Capacity Forklift Myths

Big forklifts don’t tip-over

You’re not picking up the typical product, wrapped and stacked neatly on a pallet. It’s heavy, long and awkward. This affects your forklift’s load center. Attachments must also be taken into account when factoring the actual capacity. Keep data tags up-to-date and educate your operators on how to read and understand the information.

I can drive anywhere

These forklifts are heavy and can crush pavement, dock boards and other surfaces not structured to hold such weight. “Using a large capacity forklift in a trailer is a dangerous combination. Even if the forklift fits into the trailer, it will collapse the floor,” states Steve Spears, Specialized Product Manager. Instruct operators where they can – and cannot – operate the forklift.

It runs on gas

The majority of large capacity forklifts operate on diesel fuel. “Operators may mistakenly fill the tank with gasoline,” warns Skip Stoen, Equipment Specialist. Also, compared to a smaller forklift, a large capacity forklift will be quicker and more responsive during operation. Operators should be given hands-on instruction and practice time with the forklift to understand the forklift’s speed.

I have enough room

When selecting equipment for your warehouse, visually inspecting the area and taking measurements is important. A large capacity forklift needs more room to maneuver, especially for its tail swing. When this isn’t taken into account, the operator may hit racking, product or another employee during turns.

The operator sits higher and can see me

A lot of steel is used within the mast of a large capacity forklift which decreases visibility for the operator. The lifted product creates an additional obstruction. Because it’s likely an operator cannot see them, pedestrians working in the warehouse should be especially cautious when a large capacity forklift is operating near their work station.

It’s okay to use road tires

Air pressure for a large capacity forklift is critical. This means over-the-road tires cannot stand in for replacement forklift tires. Skip explains, “The average rating of a semi-truck tire is 14 ply as compared to a forklift tire at 18 – 24 ply. It can’t offer the same support to the forklift and the load. This overloading will lead to tire failure.”

Anyone can operate this forklift

Required maintenance of a large capacity forklift is affected by proper and safe operation. Like smaller forklifts, lifting more than the forklift can handle can stretch the mast chains which leads to dragging and thinning of the forks. However, replacing parts for a large capacity forklift is more expensive and could deplete your annual maintenance budget. Train operators and observe them regularly to ensure guidelines are followed.

Interested in a large capacity forklifts? Contact our equipment specialists for a quote! ProLift is a proud partner of Taylor Forklifts, a leader in large capacity forklifts.



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