Buying a Used Forklift

buying a used forklift

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After determining to purchase a used forklift instead of new equipment, a buyer is faced with the dilemma of picking a reliable unit. Although it’s easy to weed out units not meeting warehouse specs, it can be difficult to differentiate two similar used forklifts.

Choosing a Used Forklift

Available History

History of a forklift gives you insight to the conditions and environment in which the unit operated. Request the seller provide you with known information about the forklift. For example, was the unit used indoors for loading and unloading only or was it operated for three shifts a day? Is it an off-lease or rental unit for the dealership? Was the dealership previously responsible for servicing the unit and if so, which items have been repaired?

Forklift Service Evaluations

In addition to seeing the physical unit and test-driving, being aware of recent service evaluations and repairs will help explain differences in purchase price when looking at more than one used forklift. A dealership should provide you with the current status of the forklift and include proof of repairs. To evaluate overall cost, inquire if additional service or parts may be needed. Most importantly, the forklift must be safe to operate.

Forklift Availability

Review the dealership’s quote proposal for details such as a stock number, serial number or hour meter reading. If this information or other items are not provided, ask if the dealership has an actual forklift to view or if the quote is based on a sample unit.

Hour Meter Accuracy

Hour meter readings can be deceiving because they are not regulated like odometer readings of an automobile. If broken at its original location, a false read of hours will result. The dealership should provide you with a repair history of the forklift that proves continuity in the hour meter reading. Additionally, review pump and drive motor hours when applicable.

Warranty Options

Most dealerships will provide you with warranty options for every unit and at times, can be upgraded for additional security. Compare warranty coverage on each unit to find out what is included should an issue arise. Purchasing a forklift without a warranty option can be a risk and and should be taken into consideration when setting a maintenance budget.

Purchase Guarantee

Unfortunately, you can put in the time to research units and still discover the used forklift selected isn’t a good fit. For additional buying security, learn what purchase guarantees are offered by the dealership. For example, can the lift be exchanged or returned?

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