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How Important is a Forklift Operator Seat Belt?

Seat belts save lives, which is why their usage is not an option. A forklift seat belt helps to prevent the most common human reaction during a tip-over … to jump! An operator’s panicked attempt to get away puts him at great risk for being crushed under a multi-ton machine. Forklift Tip-Overs Tip-over accidents claim, […]

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Forklift Seat Belt Requirement

What safety precautions are required if we own a forklift designed prior to the seat belt requirement? OSHA does not directly address seat belt requirements in federal regulation 1910.178. When the law does not directly answer an issue, OSHA letters of interpretation become the next resource to offer a clearer explanation. Forklift Seat Belt Retro-Fit Kit Seat […]

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Forklift Drive Components

Forklift drive components convert mechanical energy produced by the power plant to drive motion. The components gear the revolutions per minute (RPM) to a rate that, when delivered to the wheels, provides smooth, efficient rotation. Below is an overview: Forklift Transmission A transmission is a set of gears, including a change gear and a drive […]

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Damaged Forklift Operator Seats

Can you imagine riding in your car on a torn seat during an 8-hour road trip? When we do not periodically replace damaged forklift operator seats, we are essentially asking the same of our operators – every shift, every day. How does a damaged forklift operator seat affect production? Forklift Operator Ergonomics The loss of the […]

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Forklift Mast Assembly Repair and Operator Safety

If a forklift mast has sufficient structural strength to lift a pallet of brick, what could it do to an arm or leg? It can be said an accident with a forklift mast is worse than losing a limb to a guillotine because a guillotine has a sharp edge. A forklift mast assembly can destroy […]

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Removing the Forklift Load Backrest

The forklift load backrest can be the highest point of the forklift. Trailer tops, rack systems, lights, HVAC, sprinkler systems and other overhead obstructions come in contact with load backrests. Can you remove the forklift load backrest? If an object above the forklift gets hit, do you blame the load backrest – or the operator? […]

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Worn Forks Can Take Your Forklift Out Of Service

Regular inspection of your forklift forks will help you determine when it’s time for forklift forks replacement. Your forklift’s forks are required to be inspected every 12 months and in case of severe application, more often. Forklift Forks Wear Standards During your fork inspection, you may find 10% or more wear. This discovery means you have […]

Forklift Safety Accessories

Forklift Safety Parts

A forklift operator has a responsibility to be aware of pedestrians and other operators. In a busy warehouse this is not an easy task. To help keep their employees safe, many companies are investing in forklift safety parts and accessories. Forklift Mirrors Mirrors are affordable, easy to install and can be placed either indoors or […]

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Types of Forklift Hydraulics

There are two types of forklift hydraulics: ram-type cylinders and piston-type cylinders. Forklift Hydraulics: Ram-Type Cylinders Ram-type cylinders use a rod with a single diameter, or straight rod. These rods fit closely into the cylinder that is sealed against fluid leaks at the opening. These type rods are used in single direction cylinders (i.e. lift […]

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Troubleshooting Your Forklift Breakdown and Preventing the Next One

Forklifts are a key component to your production schedule; therefore, having a forklift breakdown can greatly affect deadlines and your budget. The majority of service calls are due to the forklift leaking fluid or not starting. Other common issues are overheating, an inability to pull or non-working brakes. Making the Service Call When phoning the […]

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Should You Consider Rebuilt Forklift Parts?

As a forklift ages, parts must be replaced to keep your unit running at peak performance. When the part is an integral part for the forklift (i.e. starter, engine, alternator, cylinder, steering axles, drive motors and transmissions) the expense can greatly decrease your annual maintenance budget. Rebuilt forklift parts can provide a better value and […]

Toyota Forklift 4Y Engine

The Toyota Forklift 4Y engine was released in 1986 to meet the heavy duty needs of industrial applications. It is an exclusive engine to Toyota and its core IC and pneumatic forklifts. 4Y Engine Durability While the average forklift engine lifespan is 10,000 – 20,000 hours, the Toyota Forklift 4Y engine is commonly known to […]