Busting the Myths of Large Capacity Forklifts

Large capacity forklifts aren’t just about a heavier counterweight. According to ProLift’s team of Taylor Forklift specialists, companies make themselves vulnerable to increased forklift repairs and accidents with this logic. Large Capacity Forklift Myths Big forklifts don’t tip-over You’re not picking up the typical product, wrapped and stacked neatly on a pallet. It’s heavy, long […]

Taylor large capacity forklift

Large Capacity Forklifts: How Are They Different?

Depending on the industry and application, your facility may use a large capacity forklift, a unit with a capacity of 15,500 lb or more. Although these forklifts are operated inside the facility to move machinery, machinery dies and specialty manufactured product (low or high volume), oftentimes they are used outside, working on uneven and rough […]

Toyota Core IC Pneumatic Application Image 2

Toyota Large Capacity Forklifts

The new 8-series large capacity (8,000 to 17,500 lb pneumatic & 8,000 to 15,500 lb cushion models) forklifts are powered by Toyota engineered engines. These new 4-cylinder engines provide the same or greater horsepower and torque as the previous 6-cylinder designs. “These large capacity lifts use up to 30% less fuel than comparable models,” states […]