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Choosing a Forklift Dealer versus a Wholesaler for Your Used Forklift Needs

When you’re responsible for keeping the department’s budget in line, every major purchase matters. It’s tempting to let price be the deciding factor when purchasing a used forklift, but this may only be a short-term gain. Considering the impact your forklift has on daily production, it must be safe and reliable. Used Forklift Reconditioning A […]

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Buying a Used Forklift

After determining to purchase a used forklift instead of new equipment, a buyer is faced with the dilemma of picking a reliable unit. Although it’s easy to weed out units not meeting warehouse specs, it can be difficult to differentiate two similar used forklifts. Choosing a Used Forklift Available History History of a forklift gives […]

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How to Choose a Used Forklift Warranty

New forklift equipment offers a standard warranty from the manufacturer; however, used forklifts may present you with a variety of options. Details of a used forklift warranty, including items repaired and period of coverage will differ by seller. How can you choose the best used forklift warranty for your company? Evaluate Forklift Production Hours The […]