Checking Your Forklift for a Propane Leak

forklift propane leak

A safety training class is a great way to teach operators how to be forklift propane leaks. ProLift offers safety training classes for operators & trainers. SCHEDULE TRAINING

“I smell propane coming from my forklift. The tank’s valve doesn’t appear to be the source of the leak. What else should I check?”

First, focus on ventilation! Open up doors and/or windows in the area and turn off the forklift’s propane tank. You must be in an open, well-ventilated area to allow the LP vapor to dissipate. Heavier than air, LP vapor can pool up on the ground similar to water. It silently sits, waiting for a source of ignition.

Forklift Propane Leak Test

Only after the area is well-ventilated should you turn on the LP tank. Use soapy water with a small brush or soaked paper towel to wet the fittings and hoses with suds. If you have a propane leak in the fuel system, you will see bubbles being blown at its source.

Be safe! Contact ProLift for forklift maintenance, including a planned maintenance program customized to your application and daily usage. Our technicians are available 24/7.


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