Exchanging Forklift Parts

exchanging forklift parts

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When it’s no longer cost effective to repair an older forklift, you may consider exchanging forklift parts with another forklift in your fleet. The exchange can offer a short-term fix, but long-term reliability and safety may be negatively impacted.

Forklift Parts Reliability

Used forklift parts can affect reliability and suitability for fast paced, high reliability or hazardous classified applications. If you are not familiar with the forklift that parts are to be scavenged from and its maintenance history, it can be difficult to judge the reliability of the part.

UL Rated Forklift Parts

When your forklift application requires specific parts to maintain the forklift’s UL rating, the exchange of parts can become hazardous. Installing the wrong part will negate your forklift’s UL rating and puts your facility at risk for fire or explosion.

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