Forklift Breakdown and Emergency Service

forklift breakdown

Planned maintenance can uncover an issue before a forklift breakdown. REQUEST QUOTE

Every forklift promotion mentions reasons why I could experience a forklift breakdown. Isn’t this just a scare tactic so I’ll spend money with your dealership?

Admittedly, ProLift wants to be a company’s first call when a forklift breakdown occurs; however, forklift downtime is a true concern that can bring negative consequences to your bottom line. While there isn’t a formula to calculate the money loss, you may experience unplanned expenses.

Unplanned Forklift Expenses

Cost of the forklift operator (hourly + benefits)

If operating the forklift is your employee’s main job, the employee may be assigned to another work area or sent home for the remainder of the shift.

Lost production

A down forklift may halt the production line due to raw materials not being delivered. Or, if your forklift is responsible for loading finished goods on a truck, you risk upsetting a customer due to a late delivery. In some cases the late delivery results in an imposed penalty for your company. Even if your company has another forklift to run the production line or load the truck, you may need to pay overtime for another employee to complete the work.

Management oversight

When a forklift goes down, your manager’s attention is diverted from the day’s planned tasks. Any time spent working to get the forklift running is a distraction from projects that focus on your company’s core business.

Employee morale

Although employee morale is a “soft” cost, it’s still a cost. As delays occur and workload piles up from not having a working forklift, stress and frustration may be felt by a number of employees.

Not every stop in production will be a large money or time loss – and even regular forklift maintenance will not prevent every breakdown – but planned maintenance will improve the life cycle of your forklift investment. It may also spot forklift service issues before they cause a breakdown. When a breakdown does occur, a forklift dealer partnership gives you access to trained technicians, replacement parts and short-term rentals.

ProLift technicians are available 24/7! If your forklift breakdown occurs after hours or on the weekend, dial our emergency service line (800) 837-4020. Or, contact ProLift to speak to an equipment specialist about forklift planned maintenance.


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