Forklift Emergency Service

forklift emergency service

ProLift’s forklift emergency service line is available starting at 4:30p Monday-Friday and throughout the weekend. SCHEDULE FORKLIFT SERVICE

If your company runs multiple work shifts that extend into evening or weekend hours, you may find yourself in an emergency situation caused by a forklift breakdown.  What options do you have for continuing production?

What is forklift emergency service?

Every location of ProLift offers forklift emergency service via toll-free phone number to customers. Available 24 hours / day, this line of communication is primarily used for after-hour and weekend forklift service needs.

What happens during a forklift emergency service call?

Dialing the emergency service line does not commit you to any forklift services or costs. You will first be connected to our after-hours dispatcher. After collecting your contact information and location, the dispatcher will reach out to a ProLift service associate. Our dispatcher also logs your call to ensure all customers receive follow-up on their forklift issue.

Our ProLift service associate will dial you direct to discuss the forklift breakdown and review forklift service options, which includes an immediate dispatch of a forklift technician or holding the repair until normal business hours.

What is the cost for forklift emergency service?

If a forklift technician is dispatched during evening or weekend hours, you are committed to a 4-hour minimum forklift service charge. Our forklift service guarantee applies to emergency service as well – that we will respond to your breakdown call within 4 hours or your first hour of labor is free.

Are all services available after-hours?

Our emergency line is only for forklift service; however, we can help you address forklift parts or rentals during normal business hours.

What if I’m not a current ProLift customer?

While our forklift emergency service line is set up for customers, our ProLift service associate returns all calls. Many times after reviewing the breakdown, we can address your forklift repair during normal business hours. We’ll also set up your company as an active ProLift customer for future needs.

Interested in becoming a ProLift forklift service customer? Contact ProLift to discuss your forklift service needs!

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