Forklift Rental Prices

forklift rental prices

Need a forklift, but only for a short-term need? Contact a ProLift rental specialist to reserve your forklift rental! REQUEST QUOTE

Along with selling new and used forklifts, ProLift offers forklift rentals. Using a rental is ideal when the need for a forklift is limited – as short as 1 day – or you have a sudden or unexpected need.

What Is Included in the Forklift Rental Price?

  • Forklift Maintenance
    Each time a forklift comes off rent, our service team inspects the unit and confirms it is rent-ready for the next customer. ProLift also oversees normal “wear & tear” forklift service repairs.
  • Forklift Battery & Charger
    If you rent an electric forklift, ProLift includes a compatible battery and standard charger. These items are also inspected and fully charged before the forklift rental is delivered.
  • Dealer Support

Our rental specialists, who helped to secure your forklift rental, will continue to provide dealer support after delivery – from exchanging a rental to answering questions about your final invoice. Our emergency line is open 24 hours / day.

Forklift Rental “Extras”

Some items are not standard, but can be sourced and added to your forklift rental price. Common requests include:

  • Delivery & pick-up
  • Liquid propane (LP) tank
  • Specialty forklift attachments

Need to schedule a forklift rental? Speak to a rental specialist about forklift rental availability and pricing. We also provide safety training classes that meet OSHA guidelines for forklift operation.

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