Forklift Safety: Hands-On Evaluation

forklift hands-on evaluation

As a forklift trainer, having a checklist for the hands-on evaluation is helpful to offer consistent training. Learn more at our trainer classes! SCHEDULE TRAINING

Forklift trainers are responsible for observing operators during the initial and refresher forklift training. What is the best way to score the forklift hands-on evaluation?

After zoning off a safe area for forklift operator training away from daily warehouse production and pedestrians, a company trainer can evaluate each participant’s knowledge of the forklift’s operation. Each employer should determine minimal standards based on general operation as well as their core application(s). The scale of pass / fail should also be decided by the employer and its trainer(s).

Forklift Training Course

ProLift has trained hundreds of customers on forklift operation. For recordkeeping and easy communication about each operator’s hands-on evaluation, we utilize a checklist of key safety practices.

Our checklist includes:

  • Pre-shift inspection performed
  • 3-point entry / exit demonstrated
  • Seat belt / harness secured
  • Smooth acceleration / braking implemented
  • Smooth use of hydraulic controls performed
  • Forks raised 4” – 6” off floor & level
  • Proper load engaging / disengaging executed
  • Lift / Tilt utilized to pick up load
  • Tilt out / lowered to deposit load
  • Clear view of travel path created
  • Attention to surroundings demonstrated
  • Horn sounded and visual look performed when backing up forklift
  • Body parts kept inside running lines of forklift
  • Proper shut down of forklift completed

ProLift offers classes for forklift trainers and operators that keep your company in compliance with OSHA. Contact ProLift today to schedule safety training, or learn more about our class offerings.

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