Forklift Safety Parts

forklift safety parts

The Safe-Lite shines a blue light ahead of a forklift to warn pedestrians of its presence. REQUEST QUOTE

A forklift operator has a responsibility to be aware of pedestrians and other operators. In a busy warehouse this is not an easy task. To help keep their employees safe, many companies are investing in forklift safety parts and accessories.

Forklift Mirrors

Mirrors are affordable, easy to install and can be placed either indoors or outdoors. A benefit of having a mirror for a forklift operator is the decrease in physical strain on the body and neck as he or she attempts to watch all sides of the path. Most importantly, the wide angle views and capability to see blind spots can prevent a collision with other forklifts and pedestrians.

Forklift Back-Up Alarms

Back-up alarms are installed to alert others that a forklift is near, adding a sound dimension beyond the forklift’s horn. If the level of noise varies in the work environment, a “smart alarm” option gives flexibility by listening to the surroundings and adjusting the decibel level accordingly. Although the option is not required by federal law, if the forklift is manufactured with a back-up alarm it must be kept in working condition and never disconnected.

Forklift Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are flashing lights used as a visual cue to pedestrians and other operators that a forklift is approaching. To be effective, the strobe light must be seen by workers and like the back-up alarm, it must be kept in working condition if the forklift is manufactured with the option.

Forklift Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are not a required feature on a forklift; however, the work environment is the key factor when determining its placement. Forklifts can be considered a source of ignition. If the work environment includes flammable material, it provides the forklift operator additional protection.

When placed in the proper warehouse atmosphere, forklift safety accessories can be effective for accident prevention; however, they should never replace the use of horns, spotters or areas restricted to pedestrian traffic. And because an accessory is only as effective as the person using it, advantages of using the safety accessory should be stressed to those conducting pre-shift forklift inspections and operating the forklift.

Think a safety accessory is right for your forklift and warehouse application? Schedule an on-site visit with an equipment specialist, or request a parts quote.