How the Aichi Scissor Lift Helps with OSHA Height Regulations

aichi scissor lift

The Aichi scissor lift meets OSHA height regulations for your general maintenance. REQUEST QUOTE

When general maintenance tasks require elevation, the quickest and easiest solution is to grab a ladder. However, a ladder has its limitations and falls continue to be a top-reported OSHA injury.

OSHA Height Regulations

What are the OSHA height regulations?

For general industry workplaces, OSHA requires fall protection be provided to employees when elevations reach 4 ft. Because a ladder does not have a tie-off for personal protective equipment (PPE), it is no longer a solution for tasks at or above this elevation.

Aichi Scissor Lift

Aichi, a Toyota Forklift company, manufactures a scissor lift ideal for general maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, painting and installing drywall. Key features of the equipment include:

  • AC Drive: with no motor brushes required for operation, the Aichi scissor lift requires less maintenance and provides longer working cycles.
  • Load Capacity: the product line offers 5 models, for various width options. Ranging from 500 lbs – 1,000 lbs capacity, multiple people can be held on the scissor lift platform.
  • Joystick Control: the joystick design is operator-friendly, with easy-to-read BDI and error indicators.
  • AGM Batteries: included with the purchase of an Aichi scissor lift, the AGM battery does not require watering which cuts down on maintenance time.
  • Control Unit: the control unit is removable to be placed on the scissor lift platform where needed, or operated by another user as the base of the equipment.

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