How to Choose a Used Forklift Warranty

used forklift warranty

Used forklift warranties differ by dealer. Consider these 5 tips when choosing your warranty. SHOP USED FORKLIFT INVENTORY

New forklift equipment offers a standard warranty from the manufacturer; however, used forklifts may present you with a variety of options. Details of a used forklift warranty, including items repaired and period of coverage will differ by seller.

How can you choose the best used forklift warranty for your company?

Evaluate Forklift Production Hours

The more hours your forklift is in production each week, the more vulnerable it is to damage. A forklift working 10 hours or less each week can carry a low level warranty as compared to a forklift in production 10-20 hours per week. In general, if your forklifts are in production 20+ hours each week, new equipment is recommended.

Consider Your Forklift Application

A demanding application is reason to consider a more comprehensive warranty that offers coverage over a longer time period or for more components. For example, a glass manufacturing facility makes the used forklift vulnerable to the elements of heat, debris and heavier loads.

Ensure the Used Forklift is Safe

Knowing what items were inspected and repaired on the used forklift may offer insight on safe operation. Documentation of the repairs can help you determine if they were necessary due to normal wear and tear or resulted from a previous harsh application. Research if the repairs meet your company’s safety policies and evaluate if an extended warranty period gives you peace of mind.

Know Your Forklift Budget

When used forklifts are repaired to meet a specific warranty level, the labor and parts used for those repairs increases the total cost of the forklift. If your budget is tight, the lowest level warranty may be necessary. However, if your budget is adequate for a higher level warranty, the increased cost is oftentimes less than making the repairs at a later time, on your own.

Feel Comfortable with Your Used Forklift Purchase

Used forklifts are a significant investment for your company. It is important you are confident the forklift will perform, especially if you have had a bad experience with a used forklift purchase. Higher warranty levels bring longer period of coverage for breakdowns.

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