Industrial Floor Sweepers and Scrubbers: Selecting the Right Equipment

When you’re making the investment in floor cleaning solutions for your warehouse, think about the overall process, including cleaning goals and floor space.

industrial floor sweepers and scrubbers

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Do you need an industrial floor sweeper or scrubber?

This is the first question every company should address before their investment. Very quickly you can determine the right solution by asking – “Do we use a broom and dustpan? Or mop and bucket?”

If a broom is sufficient, an industrial floor sweeper will handle your needs. For a mop and bucket solution, invest in the industrial floor scrubber.

Should you select a rider or walk-behind?

Whether you need a rider or walk-behind depends greatly on the floor space square footage, how often you clean and the results you expect to maintain. A rider scrubber is larger and holds more cleaning solution. It can clean 58,000 sq ft/per hour. A rider sweeper will also handle a large area, cleaning 52,000 sq ft/per hour.  A walk-behind will cover a smaller range, approximately 30,000 sq ft/per hour for a scrubber and 30,000 sq ft/per hour for a sweeper.

When calculating the floor space, consider how much it covered by offices, racking and product. On average, most companies have only 30% of their building exposed for cleaning.

Frequency of the cleaning is another factor. Will you clean the floor space in its entirety once a week? Or, do you tend to break down the area, cleaning a smaller portion each day? Your expectations of a maintained area matter as well, possibly increase the frequency of cleaning.

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