Operating Forklifts on Ramps

forklift ramp

Are your forklift operators driving on ramps with a grade of 10% or more? EXPLORE SAFETY TRAINING CLASSES

When operating on a forklift ramp, slope or incline, the operator must follow specific travel rules for their own safety. A ramp is defined as a grade of 10% or more.

Forklifts with a Load

  • Drive with the load uphill on ramps
    • Drive forward, load uphill going up a ramp
    • Drive backward, load uphill going down a ramp

Forklifts without a Load

  • Drive with the empty forks downhill
    • Drive in reverse going up a ramp with empty forks
    • Drive in forward going down a ramp with empty forks

Forklift Ramp Safety Tips

  • Always drive straight up or down a ramp, never turning the forklift on a ramp.
  • If the load blocks the forklift operator’s view, use a spotter.
  • Never park the forklift on an incline, only park on flat ground. Apply the parking brake, put the control in neutral, set the forks or attachment on the ground and shut off the forklift.
  • No pedestrian traffic should be on the ramp during forklift operation.

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