Placement of a High Velocity Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Fan

We installed a high velocity low speed (HVLS) industrial fan in our warehouse, but our employees haven’t noticed a difference. Did we purchase the wrong fan?

hvls industrial fan

Regardless of the season, a HVLS industrial fan will change the environment in your warehouse. REQUEST QUOTE

Just as having the right size and best number of HVLS industrial fans is important, the placement of the fan also matters to its effectiveness. The overall goal is to create more airflow in the warehouse to equalize the temperature. Achieving this goal can decrease your energy costs and provide a more comfortable environment for your employees.

4 Ways to Make Your HVLS Industrial Fan Effective

  • Use the measurements of your warehouse to invest in the largest fan your area can handle
  • Allow ample space between the HVLS industrial fan and interior structures such as sprinklers, lighting, etc.
  • Make a clear path for airflow to let air move from and back to the fan
  • Watch for obstacles that will negatively affect airflow including racking, mezzanine, modular offices, etc.

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