Equipment Options for Your Toyota Reach Truck

reach truck options

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Reach trucks are the ideal forklift for narrow aisle operation in your warehouse and distribution center. Their ability to maneuver within tight aisles provides the opportunity to increase your pallet racking and storage. To enhance productivity for your specific application and the operator’s experience, reach truck options are available.

Popular Toyota Reach Truck Options and Accessories


It can be difficult to accurately place product when lifting at great heights, making it vulnerable to damage. An operator may also lose productivity attempting to load or unload the pallet multiple times. Fitting your reach truck with the Acculaser gives the operator a laser line even with the fork tips and points out if the forks are lined up to the pallet opening.

Height and Tilt Indicator

When your pallet racking heights are known, this indicator reports when the forks have reached the height. The operator is also informed if the forks are level or tilted upwards.

Reach Interlock Switch

If your forklift operator travels with the reach extended, the reach interlock switch limits the travel speed from 0 – 3.5 mph. Safety concerns can be addressed with other reach truck options that decrease travel speed when an operator does not have both feet inside the compartment.

Mast Lift Limit Switch with Bypass

For warehouses that need different height limits due to ceiling or obstacles, this switch lets you preset the limits. When the mast reaches the first limit it will stop lifting and display a message, letting the operator choose to continue moving the mast upward.

Third Overhead Guard Leg

The dock package with a third OHG leg prevents your operator from leaning their upward body outside the compartment. The additional leg also deters the pallet racking or other facility obstruction from entering the operator compartment. When adding this option, some companies consider a raised back rest as well.

Toyota Double Reach Truck

To get even more storage, Toyota’s double reach truck provided a deeper reach into pallet racking and lets your operator load and unload back-to-back pallets. Pallet storage can increase up to 50%.

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