Reach Truck versus Stand-Up Rider Forklift

Currently, our warehouse utilizes reach trucks for their ease of use in narrow aisles. In the next 6 months, our application will require our forklift operators to load and unload trailers. Can we continue using our reach trucks?

Toyota Stand-Up Rider Forklift

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For narrow aisle applications, reach trucks offer a clear advantage. Operators can perform work in aisles as small as 9-1/2 ft. However, they are built for indoor operation and will not perform well for loading and unloading trailers. With its low under-carriage clearance due to its small load wheels and longer wheel base, the reach truck may be prevented from moving over a dock plate. The jarring associated with running over dock plates continuously will also make your electric components vulnerable.

What is a Stand-Up Rider Forklift?

A dock-to-stock application is ideally handled with a Stand-Up Rider Forklift. It can often be found in general warehouse, beverage and freezer/food storage applications. This forklift has the ability to maneuver small aisles as small as 10-1/2 ft and handle up to a 4,000 lb capacity. In addition to tackling tight areas, the Stand-Up Rider Forklift works well for operators picking up custom loads. Like the reach truck, operators also remain productive with its easy “on and off” structure.

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