Reading a Forklift Data Tag

reading a forklift data tag

Reading a data tag can help prevent a serious accident. Stay compliant with OSHA guidelines and keep your operators safe with forklift training classes. SCHEDULE TRAINING

“We almost had a forklift tip-over yesterday when an operator lifted a load that was too heavy for the forklift. How can we educate our operators about the forklift’s capacity?”

Forklift operators must know how to read a data tag. The information on the tag is very important because it features unique capacity details for each piece of equipment.

With proper training, operators learn a forklift’s limitations and how its loads affect the stability. As the load center increases, the amount of weight an operator can lift to full lift height decreases. The higher the lift height, the lower the capacity of weight an operator can lift to full lift height.

Forklift Data Tag Training

  • Visit the OSHA website to review regulations. OSHA outlines requirements and recommended practices as well as an overview on capacity.
  • Partner with a forklift dealership to schedule operator training. The stability “triangle” of the forklift and its load center is a major class topic.

For safety, it’s also important to remove a forklift from operation if the manufacturer data tag is missing or if an operator cannot read the information on the tag. To replace your data tag, reach out to your forklift dealer partner or the manufacturer.

Schedule forklift operator training with ProLift! We offer training at your facility or ours. Contact ProLift to speak to a Safety Specialist about available dates.

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