Should You Consider Rebuilt Forklift Parts?

rebuilt forklift parts

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As a forklift ages, parts must be replaced to keep your unit running at peak performance. When the part is an integral part for the forklift (i.e. starter, engine, alternator, cylinder, steering axles, drive motors and transmissions) the expense can greatly decrease your annual maintenance budget. Rebuilt forklift parts can provide a better value and should be a consideration.

What are rebuilt forklift parts?

Main assemblies are comprised of multiple components. If one of the pieces breaks, it can cause the part to malfunction and shut down your forklift. When a forklift part is rebuilt, it is taken apart to locate the worn piece, which is replaced. It is then cleaned and reassembled for resale.

How trustworthy is the forklift parts source?

Because each source adheres to a unique set of standards, asking how the forklift part was rebuilt will help you build trust with the supplier. Some sources replace only the failed part. Others may provide remanufactured parts. A remanufactured part has replaced the worn piece as well as any normal wear item(s). Learn if the part is engineered to the Original Equipment (OE) drawing and where the failed part was located (new unit, salvaged yard unit).

What if the rebuilt forklift part fails?

Like new parts, forklift rebuilt parts should be backed by the supplier’s warranty. Your supplier should also be aware of the sources’ overall reputation and parts failure rate.

Can you help my older forklift?

Based on the unit’s age and hours, the supplier can advise if a rebuilt forklift part will be durable for your application. A light to average application lends itself to rebuilding your forklift’s part when finding a replacement isn’t an option.

How will my company benefit?

Short-term you will benefit from a cost-savings for the replacement part up to 50%. If the supplier can source a rebuilt forklift part (rather than use the original from your forklift) the unit’s downtime will decrease. Rebuilt parts also benefit the environment by eliminating the need to produce a new forklift part.

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