The Making of a Certified Forklift Technician

certified forklift technician

Regardless of experience, all ProLift technicians attend “Fast Start” training. Have a forklift breakdown? We can help! SCHEDULE SERVICE

ProLift takes certified forklift technician training seriously, from the first day of hire and throughout our technicians’ career. After all, you’re paying for our service expertise. This means our team should be knowledgeable about your diverse fleet and efficient with repairs.

We believe every technician takes pride in their work and troubleshooting knowledge. That’s why we support training our new employees regardless of their years of experience working with material handling equipment. ProLift helps them build on what they already know plus the specifics of Toyota and our other manufacturers.

Forklift Technician Training

Initially, our technicians are introduced to product videos and online training. Each technician is then scheduled to attend ProLift’s “Fast Start” series, a foundational training that covers forklift basics from front to back. While our emphasis is on servicing the Toyota product, the training is built for the “real world” and can be applied to any forklift make or model.

Internal Support

Our technicians are on the road but not alone. They are supported by a variety of ProLift employees – Operations Manager, Service Manager, Shop Supervisor and Field Service Supervisor (Dispatch). We also have a team of Technical Trainers available to assist with troubleshooting by phone.

Customer Communication

While knowing the technical aspect of the job is important, our communication with you, our customer, is just as valuable. ProLift knows every service decision affects your productivity and budget. Our goal is to kick industry terms to the side to ensure you understand the forklift’s condition, next steps for the unit and why those steps are necessary.

Consistent training and development of our technician team – it’s our commitment to you.

Contact ProLift to tell us about your customer experience with our technicians! Are we exceeding expectations? If not, we want to hear that too.


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