Training Another Company’s Forklift Operators

training another company's forklift operators

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“After attending a forklift trainer program for my company, can I consider training another company’s forklift operators?”

ProLift occasionally receives this question from our class attendees. They’ve completed a forklift Train-the-Trainer course on behalf of their company, and later someone they know personally asks to hire them for training.

Can you train another company’s forklift operators?  Yes – but the better question is should you?

Forklift Trainer Liability

When an employer designates you as a forklift trainer, you have their oversight for the training program and its contents. They also understand liability risks are involved – for the company and you – spurring some employers to secure additional liability insurance.

Representing yourself as a forklift safety trainer for another company means you no longer have your employer’s support. You will now be viewed as an individual contractor and assume all liability risks associated with your training program and attendees. Your current training program may also have gaps or irrelevant content depending on the other company’s on-site hazards and application.

Before saying yes, be comfortable with the liability risks that come with training another company’s forklift operators. ProLift provides forklift safety training classes for operators and trainers. Contact ProLift to speak to  our Safety Specialist!

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