Troubleshooting Your Forklift Breakdown and Preventing the Next One

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What should you expect when your forklift needs troubleshooting?

Forklifts are a key component to your production schedule; therefore, having a forklift breakdown can greatly affect deadlines and your budget. The majority of service calls are due to the forklift leaking fluid or not starting. Other common issues are overheating, an inability to pull or non-working brakes.

Making the Service Call

When phoning the forklift dealer, prepare for the call by recording the forklift’s model and serial number. If the dealer has serviced the forklift, this information will assist in locating its history. Share known details about the unit (i.e. past breakdowns, change in fuel) which can help narrow the suspected causes of the breakdown. If there is no obvious reason for the breakdown, a technician will be dispatched to your facility.

Forklift Technician Troubleshooting

Upon arriving to your facility, the forklift technician will gather details about the unit. If the forklift has an assigned operator, talking to him or her can be beneficial in learning about past and current operational issues. During the visit, the technician will provide information about the forklift to you and any contacts involved with authorizing the repairs. For example, in some situations, another part may need to be sourced for the repair. The technician can give an estimate of time the forklift will be down which helps you make adjustments to the production schedule.

Preventing the Next Forklift Breakdown

Having your forklift on a scheduled planned maintenance program is the best way to prevent breakdowns. By determining the utilization and studying the application characteristics most technicians or service organizations can provide a recommended service interval for your planned maintenance service. As your forklift get a higher number of hours, it becomes even more important to have them regularly serviced. Just as, if not more, important as the service work performed during a planned maintenance service are the recommended repairs. Completing these repairs will increase your uptime and reduce the operating cost of your forklift.

ProLift typically suggests planned maintenance every 250 hours. Learn more about our program or contact to schedule a service call. We guarantee to respond to your breakdown call within 4 hours or your first hour of labor is free.

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