Used Forklift Lease

used forklift lease

Leasing isn’t just available for new equipment – used forklifts are included. SHOP USED FORKLIFT INVENTORY

Purchasing a used forklift, but don’t have a budget to pay the full amount upfront? Your company can secure a used forklift lease.

Types of Used Forklift Leases

  • $1 option: After financing during a specified term, this forklift lease allows your company to own the used forklift.
  • FMV: A full market value lease (FMV) also lets you finance the used forklift during a specified term; however, your company will not own the equipment. You can choose to pay the contracted residual to own the used forklift, or return it to the financing company.

Used Equipment Lease Restrictions

The financing company may apply restrictions to the lease term and residual when leasing used equipment. Limits are often applied based on the used forklift hours, age or application.

Searching for a used forklift? Shop online with ProLift! We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your used forklift purchase – and if not, you may exchange it at any time within 30 days of purchase.