What to Include in Your Forklift Battery Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit


forklift battery ppe kit

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Regular maintenance of your forklift battery can increase your fuel economy dramatically by allowing the battery to have a longer life cycle – even beyond the warranty period. To keep associates safe while performing regular maintenance of the forklift battery watering level, personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to safely complete the job. These associates are at risk for acid splashes, acid spills and corrosive burns.

Recommended Items For Your Forklift Battery PPE Kit

  • Goggles
  • Face shield
  • Gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Printed instructions

Your PPE kit should include two levels of eye protection, such as goggles and a face shield. Goggles cover above and below an associate’s eyes, directing a splash of liquid around the eye, while face shields provide a second layer of protection for your skin. Rubber or neoprene gloves work to protect your hands from coming into contact with acid, and a flashlight is a non-flammable item to help your associate inspect the forklift battery and water level. Along with printed instructions that outline forklift battery charging and maintenance, all associates required to work with the forklift battery should receive classroom and hands-on training.

To provide more tools and protection for associates, you might also include a rubber or neoprene apron, battery cap removal tool, battery cleaner and acid neutralizer.

Forklift Battery PPE Kit Placement & Upkeep

Your battery watering and charging station must be a designated location in the warehouse. The PPE kit should also be located in this area and maintained, quickly replacing any broken or damaged items.

For more information and tips on accessing PPE:

  • OSHA PPE Assessment, including suggested items for eye & face, head, foot & leg, hand & arm, body and hearing protection

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