What You Should Know Before Buying Forklift Parts

buying forklift parts

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Just as you will have to replace filters and tires on your personal vehicle, your company will have to invest in the replacement of forklift parts. The parts placed on your forklift will play a factor in keeping production on schedule and your employees safe.

Forklift Parts Replacement

Make and model of your forklift

This basic information will ensure you get the right forklift part the first time. It also prevents the wrong forklift part from being installed, which can lead to forklift failure or an accident.

Put quality before cost

While it is good to know your budget, do not buy the cheapest forklift part without considering the overall cost to your bottom line. If the cheaper forklift part wears out quicker and must be replaced more often, you haven’t saved money. Plus your forklift has experienced more downtime. Lost production of associates and trucks waiting on the line is often far more expensive than the cost of repairing the forklift.

Ask about alternate forklift parts

When working with a forklift dealer, the knowledge of a parts specialist is invaluable. Ask if another forklift part is an option. You may find another quality forklift part that is more cost effective or a rebuilt part may be available. The parts specialist may also be able to advise if replacing other forklift parts would be beneficial to the operation of the forklift (i.e. water pump, gasket, fan belts, thermostat, etc).

Know the delivery schedule

If your forklift isn’t operating, having the forklift part becomes an immediate need. During your search, ask the source if the forklift part is in stock and can be shipped right away or picked up. If the forklift part must be ordered, confirm the arrival date is acceptable to your production schedule.

Be aware of the warranty

Is the forklift part covered under warranty and if so, how long? Although most reputable manufacturers strive for 100% quality, a warranty offers security in the event a forklift part quickly breaks.

Inquire about extra service

When working with a forklift dealer, many offer the service of installing the forklift part. If your company doesn’t have an in-house technician, having an expert put on the forklift part offers additional security. In some cases, the labor to install the forklift part is also under warranty.

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