Why Replace High Speed Doors?

high speed door

ProLift can assist you with replacement and installation of high speed doors.

In the manufacturing industry, each minute of production is important to meet customer deadlines. We are also faced with the challenge of staying within budget and providing a safe working environment despite the fast pace.

How do our high speed doors meet the challenge?

  • Doors move at a rate up to 8 feet per second
  • Soft bottom edges contain no weights or moving parts
  • Sensors stop or reverse the door if an obstruction is sensed

A ProLift Storage & Handling specialist recently worked with a company that relied on sliding doors for climate control with its freezer application. He shares, “My customer had a solid door on an overhead track. The forklift operators used a pull cord to open the door; however, the door moved slowly. Over time, the door had been damaged by contact with the forklifts and the seal was not tight.” In addition to a bad seal, the slowness of the door resulted in operators leaving the door open between loads.

My customer was losing energy and money daily. Plus, its freezer equipment was working harder to keep the area cool, which may have led to a shorter equipment life cycle or additional maintenance,” stated our specialist. The solution was a system with automatic activation. Using a floor loop wire, the door senses the forklift and rises before the operator gets to the doorway.

If you’re already using high speed doors, why consider a replacement?

Older high speed doors may have a solid bottom bar. Contact with a fast-moving forklift can damage the bar, causing the door to lose functionality. ProLift’s specialist shares, “I received a call from my customer about his door maintenance costs. Each bar repair was $3000! Our doors have a soft bottom edge that stays flexible during a hit and can easily be put back on track. The savings on maintenance helped justify replacing the current doors.”

High speed doors are beneficial in a variety of environments and can provide solutions to climate control, contaminant prevention and a safer, more productive workflow. Want to learn more? Contact us to speak to a Storage & Handling specialist about the high speed door options that fit your company’s needs.

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