Rent the #1 Selling Forklift

With a reputation for quality and reliability, Toyota Forklifts are ideal for forklift rentals, short- or long-term. ProLift also takes the pressure off you to manage the forklift rental maintenance. Call on us to have our certified technicians:

  • Check forklift rentals for defects
  • Replace worn parts due to normal wear
  • Maintain safety-related parts & accessories

Our rental fleet includes forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, tuggers & walkies, aerial lifts, burden & personnel carriers, batteries and attachments.


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Rental Guarantee

ProLift guarantees to deliver modern equipment in good running order within the promised delivery time or your first day’s use is free. In fact, if we do not have the equipment with the specifications you need, we will issue a certificate good for a $50 discount on your next rental.

Rent-to-Own Your Forklift Rental

Have a long-term forklift need, but you are not ready to purchase a forklift? A Rental Purchase Option (RPO) puts portions of your monthly rental payment toward the purchase of the forklift without committing you to the acquisition.

Consider a Rental Purchase Option when:

  • You need a rental for 6 months or longer
  • A short-term forklift need may turn into a permanent need
  • You do not have funding for a capital purchase, but do have rental funds budgeted

Whether a long-term rental or RPO, our equipment specialists are available to answer your questions and secure the best forklift rental for your facility.

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If you have a long-term need, but are not ready to commit to purchasing forklift equipment, a Rental Purchase Option (RPO) is a solution for your company. A Rental Purchase Option allows your company to put portions of your monthly rental payment toward the purchase of the equipment, but doesn’t commit you to the acquisition.

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Forklift Rental Capacities Up to 65,000 lbs

ProLift leads the region in large capacity Taylor forklift rentals. Choose from our fleet of over 80 cushion and pneumatic tire forklifts with capacities ranging from 15,000 lbs – 65,000 lbs.

Special attachments are available for your application, including fork positioners and booms for rigging operations.

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Reporting Issues with Forklift Rentals

Our forklift rental gets stuck in gravel when being operated outside. This issue happens almost daily and our operators are frustrated. How can we prevent this from happening? A forklift that consistently gets stuck in gravel is an indicator of it having the wrong tires for your application. While cushion tires are ideal for warehouse […]

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