forklift rental pricing

Forklift Rental Prices

Along with selling new and used forklifts, ProLift offers forklift rentals. Using a rental is ideal when the need for a forklift is limited – as short as 1 day – or you have a sudden or unexpected need. What Is Included in the Forklift Rental Price? Forklift Maintenance Each time a forklift comes off […]

forklift near-miss

Forklift Near-Miss

What is a forklift near-miss? A forklift near-miss is defined as any unforeseen event that causes a disruption in the workflow; however, it does not cause any injuries or property damage. During forklift safety training classes, ProLift trainers provide near-miss examples such as: Forklift operator slams on brakes to avoid hitting a pedestrian or pallet […]

forklift leasing

Forklift Leasing versus Forklift Purchase

During the purchase of a new or used forklift, your company will be presented with financing options. Forklift leasing is a common business practice, and working with a forklift dealer to review the types of forklift leases, various terms and payments will help determine the best long-term purchase decision. Why Choose Forklift Leasing? While there […]

forklift fleet management

Should You Reduce Your Forklift Fleet?

It’s important to have forklifts when you need them and where you need them to keep your production on schedule. However, it’s also important to invest only in equipment that you need to keep your budget in line for forklift maintenance and labor costs. Implementing forklift fleet management will help you find the optimum balance […]

tico terminal tractor

Purchasing a Terminal Tractor

A terminal tractor is used to move semi-trailers to and from the dock for loading and unloading. At start-up, a company may not move much product and have little need for a terminal tractor. However, growth changes the pace for deliveries or may result in property expansion. Reasons to Invest in a Terminal Tractor Purchasing […]

Designing a warehouse

Pallet Racking: How to Select Pallet Racking For Your Warehouse

If your company has determined a need for pallet racking, perhaps to replace damaged upright frames or to create additional storage, doing an internet search for “warehouse pallet racking” will produce a high number of results. Pallet racking selection for your application can be overwhelming. Before meeting a storage & handling specialist, it is beneficial […]

Electric Toyota Forklift

Selecting a Forklift Battery

The forklift battery is a large investment for your electric forklift. Getting the optimal pairing will ensure a longer life for your battery and keeps your forklift in production during every shift. Whether searching for a new or reconditioned battery, providing the following information to your supplier will be beneficial when selecting a forklift battery. […]

forklift operator training

Forklift Safety: Who Has the Right of Way?

With a weak economy and consumer confidence low, companies are closely watching revenue and profit margins. The few companies that are experiencing growth are holding off on non-essential costs such as building expansions or moving to larger facilities. Forklift Pedestrian Safety More work is being accomplished in tighter areas – that means forklifts and pedestrians […]

Toyota Industrial Walkie Stacker Image

4 Reasons to Purchase an Electric Pallet Jack

The material handling industry categorizes forklifts into various classes. The Class III product includes a variety of electric motor forklifts that are either walk-behind or standing-rider operated, such as the electric pallet jack. Regardless of the manufacturer, this category of forklifts carries a smaller price tag. While oftentimes the savings is enough, many companies find […]

aichi scissor lift

How the Aichi Scissor Lift Helps with OSHA Height Regulations

When general maintenance tasks require elevation, the quickest and easiest solution is to grab a ladder. However, a ladder has its limitations and falls continue to be a top-reported OSHA injury. OSHA Height Regulations What are the OSHA height regulations? For general industry workplaces, OSHA requires fall protection be provided to employees when elevations reach […]

forklift plugging training

Training Your Operators on Forklift Plugging

A forklift feature designed to decrease wear and tear on forklift brakes, forklift plugging gives operators the ability to change direction of a forklift with an accelerator pedal and directional selector. Forklift plugging is also referred to as regenerative braking, regen or switch-back. Plugging on an Electric Forklift versus Engine Powered Forklift Engine powered forklifts […]

forklift operator training

Buying a Used Forklift

After determining to purchase a used forklift instead of new equipment, a buyer is faced with the dilemma of picking a reliable unit. Although it’s easy to weed out units not meeting warehouse specs, it can be difficult to differentiate two similar used forklifts. Choosing a Used Forklift Available History History of a forklift gives […]