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For gas and electric forklifts up to 10,000 lbs, our $399 Forklift Service Special includes pick-up, steam cleaning, evaluation and delivery.

When you schedule the service special, also take advantage of these offers:

  • 10% off repair work approved as a result of the evaluation
  • 20% off a forklift rental used during the repair
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forklift service special
forklift emergency service

Forklift Breakdown and Emergency Service

Every forklift promotion mentions reasons why I could experience a forklift breakdown. Isn’t this just a scare tactic so I’ll spend money with your dealership? Admittedly, ProLift wants to be a company’s first call when a forklift breakdown occurs; however, forklift downtime is a true concern that can bring negative consequences to your bottom line. […]

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Trust Toyota Technicians

It’s not necessary to have a Toyota Forklift in your fleet to take advantage of our $399 Forklift Service Special. Our technicians are trained to service forklifts of every make and model. Learn why you can trust our technicians!

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