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Should You Borrow or Lend a Forklift?

When you don’t need a forklift on a regular basis, it can be tempting to save money for a rental by borrowing a forklift. If you own a forklift, it’s also understandable that you would want to help a neighbor with their quick lifting need. But, using a forklift owned by another business puts both […]

Forklift Operator Training

Training For Change

Why do we conduct forklift operator training every 3 years? Things change with technology, facilities, materials, processes, laws, standards, and forklift equipment. Unfortunately, we human beings change over time too: eye sight, eye-to-hand coordination, motor skills, memory and cognitive capability. Changes require training and evaluation. We must allow operators to ask questions to ensure they […]

Reserving a Forklift Rental

“How far in advance should I reserve my forklift rental?” At ProLift, we are ready to meet your emergency and planned forklift rental needs. Unfortunately, breakdowns do happen and we understand waiting days for a rental isn’t an option. With a rental in stock, we can prep and schedule your delivery the next day, sometimes […]

reserving a forklift rental

Why You Should Avoid Reaching Through a Forklift Mast

“Each year we learn about operator injuries & fatalities involving the forklift mast. What are the main causes of these forklift accidents?”   During his 23 years of training at Toyota Forklift and ProLift, John Smith has heard several stories of forklift accidents involving the mast. Two causes stand out to him – an unstable […]

Tips and Tools for Loading and Off-Loading Product on Pallet Racking

“We noticed damage to our pallet racking due to moving pallets. What tools are available to help our forklift operators with loading and off-loading accuracy?” When a forklift operator’s visibility is compromised by the mast, product or racking, it can lead to pallet rack damage. Tools are available to assist operators, but before investing in […]

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Dispatching a Forklift Service Technician

“Our forklift broke down and I’m not sure why. What should I expect if I agree to have a forklift technician dispatched to our facility?” When your forklift breaks down, several questions arise – Why did the forklift stop running? How long will the forklift be down? How much is the forklift repair? Similar to […]

Spectra Finds Reach Truck & Mezzanine with ProLift

Bill French, owner of Spectra Press & Promotions, recently completed construction of a 5,500 sq ft warehouse expansion and mezzanine. He needed to find reliable equipment within budget and a forklift partner to support him after the sale. “One of the things that I knew was Toyota had a great reliability in their equipment,” French […]

forklift abuse

Common Signals of Forklift Abuse

“Our forklift repairs have increased and we have maxed out our budget only 6 months into the year. How do I determine which repairs are for normal wear and when the damage is caused by forklift abuse?” When an operator or the application a forklift operates puts a forklift in a situation that causes equipment […]

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How to Remove the Wrong Forklift Rental from Your Production

“My company has a forklift rental but I’ve realized the equipment isn’t fitting our production needs. What steps do I take to secure a better forklift rental?” Having the wrong forklift may be noticed immediately after receiving the rental or several weeks later. Your company may also find a forklift rental isn’t sufficient after a […]

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Reporting Issues with a Forklift Rental

“Our forklift rental gets stuck in gravel when being operated outside. This issue happens almost daily and our operators are frustrated. How can we prevent this from happening?” A forklift that consistently gets stuck in gravel is an indicator of it having the wrong tires for your application. While cushion tires are ideal for warehouse […]

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Forklift Fuel Consumption and Efficiency

When attempting to decrease your forklift’s fuel consumption, there is not one specific change that will greatly alter usage; however, you can focus on smaller tasks to create a cost savings. Discovering which changes will make an impact will require a combination of facility observation, operator training and review of maintenance history. Facility observation The […]

Toyota Core Electric Forklift

Benefits of Forklift Safety Training

Justifying the cost and the time needed to conduct safety training for your lift equipment can be a struggle. It’s easy to lean on the federal law using OSHA as a scare tactic or to use a guilt factor, encouraging others in the company to focus on their employees’ health and survival. Both arguments can be powerful, but there are other benefits of lift safety training.