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Toyota Forklift Parts

“Why should I pay more for Toyota forklift parts?” Quality forklift parts keep your equipment running efficiently in production, and like other manufacturers, Toyota provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) forklift parts. Toyota Genuine Parts are more expensive than aftermarket forklift parts; however, the upfront cost provides long-term value. Benefits of Toyota Forklift Parts Increased Warranty […]

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Troubleshooting Your Forklift Breakdown and Preventing the Next One

Forklifts are a key component to your production schedule; therefore, having a forklift breakdown can greatly affect deadlines and your budget. The majority of service calls are due to the forklift leaking fluid or not starting. Other common issues are overheating, an inability to pull or non-working brakes. Making the Service Call When phoning the […]

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Exchanging Forklift Parts

“Can forklift parts be exchanged between forklifts?” When it’s no longer cost effective to repair an older forklift, you may consider using its parts on another forklift in your fleet. The exchange can offer a short-term fix, but long-term reliability and safety may be negatively impacted. Forklift Parts: Reliability Used forklift parts can affect reliability […]

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Why You Should Demo Forklift Equipment

If you were purchasing a car, would you skip the test drive? No! Taking the car for a drive gives you the opportunity to check out what you are buying from the gas mileage to the convenient sunglass holder. So why would you skip a forklift demo? On paper, a forklift may appear to have […]

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Forklift Rental Maintenance

“Who is responsible for a forklift rental’s maintenance?” At ProLift, we as the forklift dealer oversee the planned maintenance and normal “wear & tear” service repairs for your forklift rental. To ensure reliable forklift rentals are available to our customers, we have put quality assurance checks in place. Forklift Rental: Quality Assurance A forklift coming […]

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Training Another Company’s Forklift Operators

“After attending a forklift trainer program for my company, can I now train another company’s forklift operators?” ProLift occasionally receives this question from our class attendees. They’ve completed a forklift Train-the-Trainer course on behalf of their company, and later someone they know personally asks to hire them for training. Can you train another company’s forklift […]

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What You Should Know Before Buying Forklift Parts

Just as you will have to replace filters and tires on your personal vehicle, your company will have to invest in forklift replacement parts. The parts placed on your forklift will play a factor in keeping production on schedule and your employees safe. Forklift Parts Replacement Make and model of your forklift This basic information […]

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Forklift Technician Advantages

Across North America, material handling dealerships have openings for forklift technicians. The role is a stable career that offers competitive compensation and work/life balance. Work/Life Balance Because dealerships support business customers with their forklift service, several forklift technician openings are 1st shift which gives you a consistent work schedule. “Our technicians that made the transition […]

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Budgeting for Forklift Maintenance

“What is the best way to budget for forklift maintenance?” Just as you budget for a forklift purchase, the cost of forklift maintenance is also part of your company’s annual budget. While every company will have a unique cost based on their usage and application, three areas can assist you with budgeting. Monthly Operating Hours […]

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Should You Borrow or Lend a Forklift?

When you don’t need a forklift on a regular basis, it can be tempting to save money for a rental by borrowing a forklift. If you own a forklift, it’s also understandable that you would want to help a neighbor with their quick lifting need. But, using a forklift owned by another business puts both […]

Forklift Operator Training

Training For Change

Why do we conduct forklift operator training every 3 years? Things change with technology, facilities, materials, processes, laws, standards, and forklift equipment. Unfortunately, we human beings change over time too: eye sight, eye-to-hand coordination, motor skills, memory and cognitive capability. Forklift Training: Training and Evaluation Changes require training and evaluation. We must allow operators to […]

Reserving a Forklift Rental

“How far in advance should I reserve my forklift rental?” At ProLift, we are ready to meet your emergency and planned forklift rental needs. Unfortunately, breakdowns do happen and we understand waiting days for a rental isn’t an option. With a rental in stock, we can prep and schedule your delivery the next day, sometimes […]